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Our Story

Since 2019, Pride Supplies LLC has done more than make sure the LGBTQIA+ community is both seen and heard. If you're wondering how your purchase today helps fund future community projects, then you're in the right spot. we are BIG about giving back. Unlike most LLC's, Pride Supplies is more worried about helping the community, then the profit side of things.

Community/Donation Projects

Check out a few of our past donation projects.


  • July: Fort Wayne Pride- Over 300 school supplies and mixed toy lot collected and handed out for kids attending that pride.


  • April- Covid Daily Giveaway Prizes for a weeklong on social media.

  • October- New Haven, IN Nursing Home Halloween Treat Packs Donated.

  • December- $600 of toys donated to Riley’s Children Hospital in Indianapolis, IN.


  • February- Supplies donated to locals in Texas and an LGBT+ Youth Shelter in Texas affected by the cold storm wave.

  • March- Women’s Shelter small donation.

  • July- Fort Wayne Pride Child packs passed out to attendees.

  • August-We collected earnings from a local summer pride and donated to YWCA of Fort Wayne, IN.

  • October- GLSEN of Fort Wayne Donation.

  • November- We held a $25 gift card giveaway on social media and donated to a local food bank in Fort Wayne, IN.

  • December-Christmas gift donation to The Summit Nursing & Rehabilitation center.


  • January- Raised money through sales for the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control.

  • March- We had a free Irish Day Giveaway via social media.

  • April- We hosted a Facebook live giveaway on easter Sunday.

  • May-August- We handed and mailed out lots of free Pride Supplies, LLC swag at various events and through social media.

  • June- We held a free rainbow fan giveaway contest for people on social media to enter.

  • November- Fort Wayne Pride had families in need for Christmas and we adopted a family.

Shop with Comfort

Just know, anytime you purchase from our website, that your money is going into so much more than the business itself! Your purchase today, helps fund a future project tomorrow.